January   2003


PAUNS Present and Future  [  Abstract  ]
Saleh M. Al-Deeb
Welcome to the challenges  [  Abstract  ]
M. Anwar Etribi
Message from the President, World Federation of Neurology  [  Abstract  ]
Jun Kimura
Research in the Arab world...Where do we stand?  [  Abstract  ]
Basim A. Yaqub
The Arab contribution to Neurology (500 – 1516 AD)  [  Abstract  ]
Ashraf Kurdi,  Sami Khouri,  Khaled A. Kurdi
Cranial nerve testing  [  Abstract  ]
J. Kimura
Molecular diagnosis of spinal muscular atrophy patients in Saudi Arabia  [  Abstract  ]
M. Al-Jumah,  R. Majumdar,  S. Al-Rajeh,  Z. Rehana,  S. Al-Uthaim,  A. Awada,  K. Al-Subiey
Understanding amyotrophic lateral sclerosis  [  Abstract  ]
Theodore L. Munsat
Value of thymectomy in myasthenia gravis patients  [  Abstract  ]
M. Elwan,  A. Serag
Beneficial effects of plasma exchange in unrecovered cases of acute Guillain Barre syndrome  [  Abstract  ]
G. Fawi,  O.A. Shawky
Critical illness neuropathies and myopathies 30 cases  [  Abstract  ]
A. Awada,  M. Al-Jumah,  S. Kojan,  H. Al-Ayafi,  N. Al-Shirawi
Myasthenia gravis: Armed Forces Hospital experience  [  Abstract  ]
M. Sofi,  N. Biary
Seroprevalence of herpes simplex and varicella zoster virus amng diabetic and non-diabetic patients with acute peripheral facial palsy  [  Abstract  ]
S.M. Said,  Z. Alyan
Peripheral nerves affection in patients with familial hypercholesterolemia: A clinical and electrophysiological study  [  Abstract  ]
A.M. Abdou,  A.R. Ali,  A.A. Al-Kersh,  M.K. Al-Ghetany,  M.T. Afifi
MRI findings and effects of immunoadsorption therapy in multifocal motor neuropathy. A case report  [  Abstract  ]
C. Khamis
Optic Neuropathy: Causes and prognosis in a cohort of patients seen at HGH Neuro-Ophthalmology Clinic  [  Abstract  ]
R. Qaddoura,  A. Hamad,  H. Al-Gamra
Biliary pancreatitis and neuropathy. Case report  [  Abstract  ]
V. Martic,  A. Sakal,  N. Peristic,  V. Petkovic
Long-term evolution of a case of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis  [  Abstract  ]
F.E. Ben Mrad,  H. Mrabet,  M. Fredj,  A. Mrabet
The evaluation of patients with chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy treated with different therapeutic approaches  [  Abstract  ]
V. Martic,  A. Sakal,  S. Petkovic
Epilepsy and the immune system  [  Abstract  ]
J.A. Aarli
Genetics in epilepsy  [  Abstract  ]
Amel Mrabet
Epilepsy surgery  [  Abstract  ]
Basim A. Yaqub
The relationship between seizure frequency and quality of life: the role of lamotrigine  [  Abstract  ]
G. A. Baker
The approach of vagal nerve stimulation for the treatment of refractory epilepsy: 4 years follow-up  [  Abstract  ]
M.A. Etribi,  A.Z. Dewedar,  S. Elmolla,  H. El-Hosseni,  A. Alabyad,  A. Gaber
Gelastic seizure symptomatic to hypothalamic hamartoma and temporal astrocytoma  [  Abstract  ]
C. Triki,  F. Kammoun,  Z. Boudawara,  F. Choayakh,  Z. Mnif,  C. Mhiri
Egyptian experience with gamma knife radiosurgery for intractable epilepsy: preliminary results  [  Abstract  ]
A. Gaber,  W.A. Reda,  Jeremy C. Ganz
Failure in school and epilepsy  [  Abstract  ]
G. Kasraoui,  S. Kasraoui,  M. Fredj,  B. Aouari,  M.B. Halayem,  A. Mrabet
Cavernoma and epilepsy  [  Abstract  ]
A.E. Hassan,  A. Ghobashy,  H. Yehia,  E. Emam
Surgical management of tumor, associated with medically resistant epilepsy: Seizure outcome  [  Abstract  ]
A. Ghobashy,  A. Hassan
Management of seizures in the elderly  [  Abstract  ]
H.S. Hosny,  W. Mokbel
Amino acid study in Egyptian epileptic patients  [  Abstract  ]
A.B. Hammad,  H.M.A. Massoud,  O.A. Diaa El Deen,  S.S. Khattab
Ambulatory cassette EEG in generalized epilepsy  [  Abstract  ]
H. Elhabashy,  O. Madkour,  M.M. Ibrahim,  S. Elkholy
A randomized controlled trial of surgery for temporal lobe epilepsy  [  Abstract  ]
J.P. Girvan
The electroencephalogram in the diagnosis of epileptiform disorders in Sudanese patients  [  Abstract  ]
A. E. M. Ahmed,  A. Hussein,  A.M.M. Musa
Clinical, genetic and neurophysiological approach to idiopathic epilepsy among Egyptian families  [  Abstract  ]
A.B. Hammad,  O.A. Diaa El Deen,  H.M.A. Massoud,  M.A. El Sawy
Psychometric study among Egyptian epileptic patients  [  Abstract  ]
A.B. Hammad,  O.A. Diaa El Deen,  H.M.A. Massoud,  H.A. Abdel Hammed
EEG changes in epileptic auras: A long term video EEG study  [  Abstract  ]
M. Kabiraj,  B. Yaqub,  S. Khan,  N. Biary,  S. Al-Deeb,  D. Al-Shammari,  G. Santos
Lance-Adams syndrome  [  Abstract  ]
A. Boughammoura,  S. Boukhris,  M. Frih-ayed
Epilepsy in systemic lupus erythematosus  [  Abstract  ]
A. Boughammoura,  M. Frih-Ayed
Epilepsy in the elderly  [  Abstract  ]
S.A. Ali
Five years retrospective study of patients referred to sleep laboratory of Neurology department  [  Abstract  ]
N. El-Khayat,  M. Haroun,  M.A. Etribi
Role of sensory and motor evoked potential in patients with dorsal cord lesions  [  Abstract  ]
F. M. Afifi,  A.M. Khaial,  M.H. Hussein ,  A.S. Ragheb,  S.A. Zayat,  W.F. Ismail,  A.R. Seiam
Effect of chronic hypoxia and hypercapnea on the nervous system: visual and auditory brainstem evoked potentials in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease  [  Abstract  ]
S.M. Said,  A. Enan,  E.A. Saleh
Electromyographic changes in thyrotoxicosis  [  Abstract  ]
K.I. Mossa,  H.N. Mahmoud,  I.K. Abdul-Zehra
Event-related potentials (ERPs) in major depressive disorder: Psychometric and neurophysiological study  [  Abstract  ]
M. Saad,  M. Al-Khateem,  S. El-Naggar,  S. Saleh,  T. Molekhia
Effect of tobacco smoking on late auditory evoked potentials (P300) in schizophrenic patients  [  Abstract  ]
A. Mubarak,  G. Shammah,  L. Mahmoud,  A. El-Shentenawy
EEG abnormality in homicide  [  Abstract  ]
H.A.R. Mubarak
Outcome of surgical treatment for intramedullary spinal ependymoma: Experience at King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Centre  [  Abstract  ]
A. Alkhani,  M. Al-Balooshi,  I. Kanaan,  M. Hassounah
The continuing role of classic unilateral suboccipital craniectomy in surgical management of craniocervical meningiomas  [  Abstract  ]
A. Ghobashy,  E. Emara,  N.A. Fahmy,  T. El-Beibermy
Treatment of idiopathic trigeminal neuralgia: Comparison of outcome after radiofrequency rhizotomy and microvascular decompression  [  Abstract  ]
W.A. Reda,  H. Moharem,  A. Hamad,  A.A. Hay
Gamma knife surgery in Cairo: the first year  [  Abstract  ]
Jeremy C. Ganz
Chorea: a new look at surgical management  [  Abstract  ]
A. Gaber,  W.A. Reda,  K. Saoud,  A. Abdelhay,  M.A. Etribi
Pallidotomy as a frontline treatment for dystonia  [  Abstract  ]
W.A. Reda,  A. Gaber,  K. Saoud,  A. Abdelhay,  M.A. Etribi
Lateral skull base approaches: a safe road for the neurosurgeon  [  Abstract  ]
M. Badr-El-Dine
A new skull base technique (OMZ) to perplexing skull base lesions  [  Abstract  ]
E. Gaber
Role of thalamotomy in treatment of tremors  [  Abstract  ]
K. Saoud,  W. Reda,  A. Gaber,  A. Abdelhay,  M.A. Etribi
Idiopathic spinal cord herniation: pathophysiology, diagnosis, and management  [  Abstract  ]
M. Najjar,  S. Lingawi,  Y. Rajab,  S. Baeesa
Astroblastomas: A case report  [  Abstract  ]
C. Khamis
Subdural hematoma, polyglanular type II and psychiatric disorders. Case Report  [  Abstract  ]
A. Hussein
War head injuries  [  Abstract  ]
M. Z. Al-Qassim,  Q. Al-Awadi
Allocation and preservation of the frontotemporal branch of the facial nerve during surgeries of the temporal and infratemporal regions  [  Abstract  ]
E. Gaber
CADASIL in Arabs  [  Abstract  ]
S. Bohlega,  A. Al-Shubili,  K. Abu-Amero,  A. Edris,  T. Khairallah,  M. Kambouris
The application of prenatal diagnosis as an early method for detection of cases with dystrophin gene mutation  [  Abstract  ]
R. El-Sherif,  S. Ashour,  M.A. Etribi
Mitochondrial DNA and cytopathies  [  Abstract  ]
A. Ziad
Screening of mitochondrial DNA using SSCP and long PCR for detection of undiagnosed mitochondrial DNA related disorders in Egypt  [  Abstract  ]
R. El-Sherif,  S. Ashour,  M.A. Etribi
Functional disability is less severe in patients with double deletions in the dystrophin gene  [  Abstract  ]
A.A. El-Harouni,  S. Amr,  L.K. Effat,  M.L. Essawi,  B.S. Ismail,  Y.Z. Gad,  M.K. El-Awady
Deletion mutations in the dystrophin gene of Saudi patients with Duchenne and Becker muscular dystrophy  [  Abstract  ]
R. Al-Majumdar,  M. Al-Jumah,  S. Al-Rajeh,  A. Awada
Autosomal recessive type II hereditary motor and sensory neuropathy (ARCMT2 A) due to the R298C mutation in the Lamin A/C gene  [  Abstract  ]
M. Tazir,  H. Azzedine,  J.M. Vallat,  S. Nouioua,  R. Zemmouri,  T. Hamadouche,  S. Assami,  M. Chaouch,  D. Grid,  E. Leguern
MNGIE mitochondrial neurogastro intestinal encephalomyopathy: Case report  [  Abstract  ]
A. A. Al-Kahwajii
Aneurysm coiling in sub-arachnoid hemorrhage. Two years Egyptian experience and follow-up  [  Abstract  ]
A. S. Sami
Interventional neurology: Experience in Department of Neurology, Ain-Shams University, Cairo, Egypt  [  Abstract  ]
H.M. Zakieldne,  F. Turjman,  M.A. Etribi
The role of the Neurologist and Neurointensivist in the care of ischemic stroke patients undergoing interventional neuroradiologic procedures  [  Abstract  ]
W. H. El-Feky
Molecular approach of the treatment of acute hemorrhage stroke  [  Abstract  ]
A.N. Makarenko
Management of malignant cerebral infarction  [  Abstract  ]
A. El-Tantawy,  M. Sultan,  M. Hazem,  O. Abdel-Salam
Primary stenting for atherosclerotic vertebral artery origin stenosis in patients with recurrent posterior circulation strokes  [  Abstract  ]
A. Clifton,  A.Y. Al-Memar
Transcatheter closure of patent foramen ovale in patients with recurrent posterior circulation ischemic events  [  Abstract  ]
Stephen J. Brecker,  A.Y. Al-Memar
Ischemic stroke in young Saudis: 2-year RKH experience  [  Abstract  ]
T. Al-Muaygil,  W. Khoja
Cognitive impairment after ischemic stroke  [  Abstract  ]
M. Elwan,  N. Rashed,  R. El-Kabany
Diffusion -weighted imaging in lacunar infarction  [  Abstract  ]
A. Zaki,  M. Haroun,  A. Naser
Ischemic cerebrovascular stroke and atrial fibrillation: clinical features and outcome  [  Abstract  ]
F.M. Talaat,  I.R. Ali,  A.M. Abdou,  A.M. Zaki
Clinical, neuroradiological features and outcome of primary pontine hemorrhage  [  Abstract  ]
H. Nassar
Advantage of modified MRI protocol for hyperacute stroke  [  Abstract  ]
H. Aref,  O. Nouh
To evaluate the concept of tissue window in acute stroke  [  Abstract  ]
S. Kamran
Epidemiology of stroke in Egypt  [  Abstract  ]
M. O. Abdulghani,  M.A. Etribi
Acute stroke: A patient management system  [  Abstract  ]
L.J. Streletz,  O. Wazzan,  B. Bin Sadiq,  S. Bohlega,  S. Al-Kawi,  H. Murad
Stroke care: A world view  [  Abstract  ]
Geoffrey A. Donnan
Study of the possible factors that influence the prognosis of the cerebrovascular occlusive stroke  [  Abstract  ]
F.M. Talaat,  N.A. Hafez,  A.Y. Eassa,  A.Y. Eassa,  H.Y. Atta,  M.E. Reda,  H.M. Sad Allah
Cerebral AVM: Presentation and contemporary therapy  [  Abstract  ]
M.A. Etribi,  H.M. Zakieldine
Combined use of stereotactic aspiration and intracerebral streptokinase infusion in the surgical treatment of hypertensive intracerebral hemorrhage  [  Abstract  ]
W.A. Reda,  A. Abdel Hay
Hemorrhagic stroke in Syria  [  Abstract  ]
A. Khalifa
Intravenous thrombolysins for acute ischemic strokes in the domain of the anterior circulation  [  Abstract  ]

Vascular endothelial growth factor in acute ischemic stroke: its relation to stroke severity and volume  [  Abstract  ]
S.M. Said,  M.M. Hamdy,  T.M. Mostafa,  M.T. Afifi
Vascular dementia in Qatar  [  Abstract  ]
A. Hamad,  M. Abdul Alim,  E. Sulaiti
Reduction of in-hospital mortality in patients with ischemic stroke in the United States over the last decade  [  Abstract  ]
M.A. Sayed,  A.I. Qureshi,  M.F.K. Suri,  J.K. Kirmani,  A.M. Yahia,  R.U. Pande,  L.N. Hopkins
Is Chlamydia Pneumoniae a risk factor for cerebrovascular stroke?  [  Abstract  ]
O. El-Shinawy,  L.F. Eltony,  M. Elkholy,  M.A. Hassan,  O.A. Shawky
Stroke primary and secondary prevention (A review)  [  Abstract  ]
A.A. Awada
Distribution of atherosclerosis in the brain arteries in a sample of Egyptian patients at high risk for ischemic stroke  [  Abstract  ]
A. Zaki,  M. Haroun,  A. Abdel Naser
Trends in morbidity and mortality associated with hospitalization for intra-cerebral hemorrhage in the United States  [  Abstract  ]
M.A. Sayed,  A.I. Qureshi,  M.F.K. Suri,  R.U. Pande,  L.N. Hopkins
Neurological complications following vertical banded gastroplasty for morbid obesity  [  Abstract  ]
K.M. Sharfuddin,  K.M. Sharfuddin,  A. Al-Shubaili,  A. Khuraibet
A multi-center prospective study of stroke risk factors and related disabilities in Riyadh  [  Abstract  ]
A. R. Al-Tahan
The risk factors for cerebro-vascular accident (CVA) (stroke) and major life events in patients admitted to Saddam General Hospital in Ramadi, Iraq  [  Abstract  ]
W. Al-Heeti
Sleep disturbances in the patients presenting with cerebro-vascular stroke  [  Abstract  ]
M. Hemeda,  S. Nahed,  N. El-Khayat,  M. Haroun,  M.A. Etribi
Sildenafil (Viagra) induced cerebral hemorrhage  [  Abstract  ]
A.E.M. Ahmed,  A. Hussein,  A.A. Elgamel,  K. Awad
Dissecting aneurysm of the basilar trunk in a young man with CNS brucellosis  [  Abstract  ]
R.M.D. Jabbour,  R.M.D. Khalifeh,  A.M.D. El-Kutoubi,  S. Atweh
Intracranial arteriosclerosis: from the transcranial Doppler database, RKH  [  Abstract  ]
W. Khoja
Vascular assessment of patients with vertigo  [  Abstract  ]
M. O. Abdulghani
Evaluation of intracranial hypertension: TCD study in intracerebral hemorrhage  [  Abstract  ]
M. Hemeda,  A. Abdel-Naser,  M. Haroun,  A. Zaki,  S. Ashoor
Transcranial Doppler study of preeclamptic patients  [  Abstract  ]
T.A. Karkour,  S.M. Said,  M.M. Hamdy
Takayasu disease presenting with an acute unilateral sensory - neural hearing loss  [  Abstract  ]
B. Mesraua,  A. Hamad
Elevated serum lipoprotein (a): Is it a new risk factor for thromboembolic stroke in patients with chronic atrial fibrillation  [  Abstract  ]
A.M. Ibrahim,  S.M. Said,  A. M. Abdou,  M.F. Ismaeil
A study of risk factors of cerebrovascular ischemic strokes in a sample of Egyptian population  [  Abstract  ]
H. Aref,  H. Nassef,  N. El-Nahas,  M.A. Etribi
Hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy: neuropathology, pathogenesis and management  [  Abstract  ]
Hamed A. El-Khayat
Neuroendocrinal changes after cranial radiotherapy in children  [  Abstract  ]
M. A. Ragab,  A.M. Abdou
Highlights on absences in the pediatric age group  [  Abstract  ]
H. M. El Shakankiry
Neonatal periventricular/intraventricular hemorrhage incidence and some risk factors  [  Abstract  ]
T.S. Al-Karagully,  A.H. Al-Kaysi
Microtethering of the conus meduliaris: A proposed concept for primary monosymptomatic nocturnal enuresis  [  Abstract  ]
E. E. H. Hussein Mohamed
Adults with cerebral palsy: clinical study from antenatal period to adulthood  [  Abstract  ]
M. A. Al-Zaidi,  K.A. Nouri
Floppy infant syndrome: Clinical, histopathological and immunostaining study  [  Abstract  ]
Nagia A. Fahmy
Delayed diagnosis of metachromatic leukodystrophy in a young patient with epilepsy and mental retardation - a case report  [  Abstract  ]
V. Periasamy,  Asmahan Al-Shubaili,  Yadav Girish
Hereditary spastic paraplegia in a Sudanese family  [  Abstract  ]
A. Hussien,  A. Eltahir,  K. Awad,  A. Sidig
Reversible dementia  [  Abstract  ]
A. Eman,  M. Sayed,  I. Emam
Cognitive impairment after focal thalamic lesions  [  Abstract  ]
A. Eman,  M. Sayed,  N.A. Fahmy,  I. Emam
Prophylactic role of platelet antiggregants on migrainous attacks: frequency and severity  [  Abstract  ]
A.F. Deif,  M.F. Boraey,  T.I. Mohamed
Bacterial meningitis: The role of CSF examination  [  Abstract  ]
R. Shakir
A new era in the treatment of hypertension: lowering blood pressure and more  [  Abstract  ]
Omar Awwad
Prevalence and patterns of neurological involvement in Behcet’s disease. A prospective study from Iraq  [  Abstract  ]
A. Al-Araji,  B.K. Sharquie,  Z. Al-Rawi
Neurological concept in ancient Egypt  [  Abstract  ]
M. E. El-Gengaihy
Fatal case of paraneoplastic limbic encephalitis in a young man  [  Abstract  ]

Toxocara canis myelitis: report of 5 cases  [  Abstract  ]
R. Jabbour,  S. Kanj-Sharara,  R. Sawaya,  G. Awar,  Y. Comair,  S. Atweh
Assessment and management of 14 patients with neurobrucellosis  [  Abstract  ]
K. I. Shaikhly
Migraine a clinical study of 200 Iraqi patient  [  Abstract  ]
K.I. Mussa,  N. Sulyman,  Ihsan K. Abdul-Zehra
Wilson disease of the brain: correlation between clinical presentation, MRI findings and therapeutic response  [  Abstract  ]
S. Baz,  A. Al-Semari
Central and extrapontine myelinolysis: treatment with TRH  [  Abstract  ]
R. Chemaly,  S. Karaa,  F. Zein
A rare case of antiphospholipid syndrome  [  Abstract  ]
M. S. Alhalabi
Progressive cerebellar ataxia, episodic generalized stiffness and high titer of Ani1- glutamic acid decarboxylase antibodies (Gad 65) pathogenesis and role of immunotherapy  [  Abstract  ]
N. Qadi,  A. Al-Semari,  O. Shemmeri,  H. Murad
Head impulse and head shake nystagmus tests as screening tools for unilateral peripheral vestibular injury  [  Abstract  ]
M.H. Ahmed,  H. Nassar
PANDAS in an Iraqi family: Case report  [  Abstract  ]
M.A.A. Al-Kureshi
Headache in Ramadan  [  Abstract  ]
Ihsan K. Abdul-Zehra
Non-medical use (abuse) and dependence of Benzhexol (Parkizol or Artane) in Ramadi City, Iraq  [  Abstract  ]
W. Al-Heeti
MR imaging in neuro-ophthalmology: review and update - neuroimaging of the anterior optic pathway, chiasm and striate cortex  [  Abstract  ]
J. Tamraz
Combined perfusion and diffusion imaging is a must for assessment of hyperacute stroke  [  Abstract  ]
K. E. Allam
Clinical and neuroimaging studies in cases of spontaneous subarachnoid hemorrhage (SAH)  [  Abstract  ]
S.H. Aref,  A. El-Tantawy,  M.G. El-Khateib,  T.M. Belal,  N. Fouda
The complementary role of three-dimensional CT angiography (3D-CTA) in management of intra-cranial vascular anomalies  [  Abstract  ]
A. Mostafa,  M. Madkour,  M. Mahmoud,  T. Lotfy,  M. Alaa
Role of magnetic resonance imaging in detection of heroin-induced spongiform leukoencephalopathy  [  Abstract  ]
K. Allam,  N. Moustafa,  A. Omar
Clinical, radiological and pathological correlation in accurate and timely diagnosis of glioblastoma multiforme  [  Abstract  ]

Early neurological complications after open-heart surgery: Incidence, correlated risk factors, and mortality in a two-year retrospective study at the American University of Beirut Medical Center  [  Abstract  ]
R. Jabbour,  M. Salamoun,  S. Atweh
Deep brain stimulation in Parkinson’s disease: A neurologist’s perspective  [  Abstract  ]
A. Al-Kurdi
Diagnosis and management of atypical parkinsonian disorders  [  Abstract  ]
M. S. Hadidi
Differential diagnosis of atypical parkinsonian syndromes: Clinical, radiological and videotaped illustration  [  Abstract  ]
B. P. Bejjani,  K. Habib,  M. Jabre
Unusual tremor syndromes  [  Abstract  ]
P. Chand,  P.C. Jacob
A study of pulmonary function tests, arterial blood gases and respiratory pump dysfunction in  [  Abstract  ]
N. El-Nahas,  H. Aref,  M.A. Etribi
Xanthine oxidase and advanced oxidation protein products in Parkinson’s disease  [  Abstract  ]
M. F. Boraey,  S.A. Hadi
Surgical management of Parkinson’s disease - retrospect study of early results  [  Abstract  ]
E. Emara,  A. Imam,  M. Al-Sayed,  N.A. Fahmy,  A. Nasef
Detection of the source of embolization in acute ischemic stroke by TCD  [  Abstract  ]
N. El-Nahas,  H. Aref,  M.A. Etribi
Olanzapine in the treatment of Huntington’s disease  [  Abstract  ]
K. Kallab,  B.P. Bejjani,  W. Daccache,  M. Jabre,  K. Habib
Pseudoathetosis or sensory dystonia  [  Abstract  ]
N. Biary,  B. Yaqub,  S. Al-Deeb
Differential diagnosis of atypical Parkinsonian syndromes: clinical, radiological and videotaped illustration  [  Abstract  ]
B.P. Bejjani,  M. Jabre,  K. Habib
Cognitive spectrum of parkinsonian syndromes: from Parkinson’s to Alzheimer’s disease, a continuum!  [  Abstract  ]
B.P. Bejjani,  K. Habib,  M. Jabre
Depression in patients with Parkinson’s disease  [  Abstract  ]
N.S. Ali,  I.K. Taha
Modern neurorehabilitation practice  [  Abstract  ]
M.P. Barnes
A new direction for rehabilitation in Egypt  [  Abstract  ]
R. M. Awad
Factors associated with functional outcome following stroke rehabilitation  [  Abstract  ]
M. Al Jadid,  K.A. Ali,  A. El-Musharaf
Restoration of locomotion in posttraumatic spinal cord injured patients - surgical re-engineering in complete paraplegia T8  [  Abstract  ]
K.V. Wild,  G.A. Brunelli
Traumatic spinal cord injury in Saudi Arabia: A retrospective analysis  [  Abstract  ]
M. Al-Jadid,  L. Falahi,  K.A. Ali,  M.A. El-Musharaf
Rehabilitation outcomes in spinal cord injuries in Iraq  [  Abstract  ]
K.M. Al-Chalabi,  R.H. Mousa
Multiple sclerosis in Arabs  [  Abstract  ]
S. Bohlega
Multiple sclerosis in Egypt  [  Abstract  ]
S. Hashim
Response to beta interferon  [  Abstract  ]
S. Alawi,  B. Yaqub
Genomic HLA profiles of MSD in Saudi Arabia: Important role of DRB 13 allele  [  Abstract  ]
A. K. Daif
Epidemiological and economic aspects of multiple sclerosis (MS) in the Middle East  [  Abstract  ]
S. Gebeily
Rationale for early treatment in MS  [  Abstract  ]
Mats Soderstrom
Neutralizing antibodies matter: Long term efficacy  [  Abstract  ]
N. Riachi
Twelve-month comparative study of the impacts of IFNb-1a (Avonex), IFNb-1b (Betaseron), and Glatiramer acetate (Copaxone) on the clinical, MRI and immunological responses in relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis  [  Abstract  ]
H.H. Salama,  E.M. Abu-Hashim,  M.A. El-Bakry,  J. Zhang,  A. El-Mongui
Gougerot-Sjogren syndrome (GSS) and multiple sclerosis: A rare association  [  Abstract  ]
S. Gebeily,  E. Nehme,  J. Hoyek-Gebeily
Cognitive impairments in multiple sclerosis  [  Abstract  ]
H. T. Laaribi,  L. Ftouhi,  F.E. Ben Mrad,  M. Fredj,  A. Mrabet
Nitric oxide metabolites as a predictor for the prognosis in patients with multiple sclerosis  [  Abstract  ]
E. T. El-Din,  A. Abd-allah
Immunologic mechanisms and rationale for treatment of multiple sclerosis  [  Abstract  ]
M. Chofflon

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9 years old girl previously healthy, presented with progressive dystonia, dysarthria and spastic gait. Her MRI brain is consistent with which of the following?
[A] Pelizaeus Merzbacher disease
[B] Wilson disease
[C] Pantothenate Kinase-Associated Neurodegeneration
[D] Sjogern Larsson syndrome