July   2009


Farewell from the Founding Editor. 14 memorable years  [  Abstract  ]
Saleh M. Al-Deeb
Swine influenza H1N1. Is your laboratory prepared?  [  Abstract  ]
Sameera Aljohani
Depression and neurological disorders  [  Abstract  ]
Medhat M. Bassiony
Reduction of stroke mortality in the Tuzla region, Bosnia and Herzegovina  [  Abstract  ]
Denisa O. Salihovic,  Dzevdet M. Smajlovic,  Osman I. Sinanovic
Pattern of migraine headache in a group of Kurdish Iraqi patients  [  Abstract  ]
Ehsan K. AlShimmery,  Abdulla F. Ahmad,  Namir G. Al-Tawil
Teratogenic effects of gabapentin on the skeletal system of Balb/C mice fetuses  [  Abstract  ]
Mohammad Afshar,  Mohammad M. Hassanzadeh-Taheri,  Seyed-Adel Moallem,  Azadeh Tamizi,  Mohammad J. Golalipour
Adiponectin and infarction size in subjects with and without cerebrovascular disease  [  Abstract  ]
Anila Jaleel,  Saima Aqil,  Farhan Jaleel,  Hakim R. Ahmad,  Adnan Zuberi,  Ejaz Alam
Electrodiagnosis of ulnar nerve entrapment at the elbow  [  Abstract  ]
Gulbun Yuksel,  Geysu Karlikaya,  Kemal Tutkavul,  Ayse Akpinar,  Cihat Orken,  Hulya Tireli
Comparison between solitary and multiple intracranial tuberculoma  [  Abstract  ]
Mutasem M. Abuhamed,  Xiao Bo,  Lu Xiaoqin,  Zhang Fufeng,  Lili Long,  Bi Fangfang,  Li Jing
Neutropenia among psychiatric in-patients  [  Abstract  ]
Riyadh A. Al-Namlah,  Mohamed M. Al-Qahtani,  Hadeel F. Daghash
Awake craniotomy versus general anesthesia for managing eloquent cortex low-grade gliomas  [  Abstract  ]
Mostafa Z. Ali,  Nasser A. Fadel,  Hesham A. Abouldahab
A survey of (CAG)n repeats causing juvenile Huntington disease in an Iranian family with 4 affected members  [  Abstract  ]
Mehrdokht Mazdeh,  Hamid Pour-Jafari,  Ali Ghaleiha,  Bita Pour-Jafari
Cerebral venous thrombosis associated with oligodendroglioma and pregnancy  [  Abstract  ]
Farzad Fatehi,  Keivan Basiri,  Mohammad Saadatnia,  Navid Koleini
Can Doppler sonography be used to diagnose neonatal cerebral infarction caused by portal vein thrombosis  [  Abstract  ]
Alaeddin A. Dajani,  Mohammad A. Al-Ghamdi,  Raidah S. Al-Baradie,  Saif A. Al-Saif
Non-convulsive status epilepticus presenting with Wernickes aphasia  [  Abstract  ]
Mashael Al-Qahtani,  Sonia A. Khan,  Mohammed Kabiraj,  Waleed A. Khoja
Accompaniment of Tourette syndrome and neuropsychiatric symptoms  [  Abstract  ]
Murat Gulsun,  M. Alpay Ates,  Ayhan Algul,  Cengiz Basoglu
Highlights from International Meetings: American Academy of Neurology AAN 61st Annual Meeting, Seattle, April 25th - May 2, 2009  [  Abstract  ]
Kenneth W. Imerman,  J. Douglas Miles,  Ingrid Park,  Araya Puwanant,  Robert B. Daroff,  Shireen Qureshi
Juvenile metachromatic leukodystrophy in a boy with epilepsy  [  Abstract  ]
Periasamy Vembu,  Salah Khaffaji,  Girish Yadav,  Riyadh A. Khan
Rosette-forming glioneuronal tumor of the fourth ventricle. A rare neoplasm of the central nervous system  [  Abstract  ]
Chao Gao,  Rong Xie,  Xiao-Yun Cao,  Feng-Ping Huang
Tramadol induced seizure. Is Isoniazid the culprit?  [  Abstract  ]
Neeraj K. Singh,  Shahla Haleem,  Varun Gupta,  Maulana M. Ansari,  Abdul Q. Khan,  Misbah-uddin Moh`d
Bony variations of the craniovertebral region  [  Abstract  ]
Aysin Kale,  Adnan Ozturk,  Funda Aksu,  Ilke A. Gurses,  Ozcan Gayretli,  Bulent Bayraktar,  Fatma G. Zeybek,  Nurcan Taskara,  Zafer Ari,  Kayihan Sahinoglu
Correlation of sleep disorder and Parkinsons disease severity in Turkish patients  [  Abstract  ]
Esra E. Okuyucu,  Taskin Duman,  Ismet M. Melek,  Gulsah Seydaoglu
Scientific understanding of the loading response in elderly subjects  [  Abstract  ]
Mudassar Ahmed
Lead levels in children with developmental delay. A hospital-based study  [  Abstract  ]
Amira T. Masri,  Eman F. Badran,  Mohammad M. Saleem,  Abdelkarim A. Al-Qudah
Therapeutic drug monitoring pattern of the antiepileptic drugs in developed and developing countries  [  Abstract  ]
Ajay Prakash,  Bikash Medhi
A patient with left hemiparesis, seizure, and developmental delay on admission  [  Abstract  ]
Riaz A. Syed,  Mohmed T. Nadeem,  Faruk Incecik
Association between the functional independence measure and Glasgow coma scale regarding the rehabilitation outcomes of traumatic brain injury  [  Abstract  ]

Epidemiology of Bell’s Palsy in Isfahan, Iran  [  Abstract  ]

Global, national efforts must be urgently intensified to control Zimbabwe cholera outbreak  [  Abstract  ]

UNPROTECTED SEX HAS NO AGE LIMIT: THE UNEXPLORED STORY OF HIV AND AGEING. Many people may be becoming infected with HIV at advanced ages  [  Abstract  ]

WHO RECOMMENDS GLOBAL USE OF ROTAVIRUS VACCINES. Decision Could Help Protect Millions of Children in Africa and Asia from Lethal Diarrheal Disease  [  Abstract  ]

MCQs: Stroke in children  [  Abstract  ]
Raidah S. Al-Baradie

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9 years old girl previously healthy, presented with progressive dystonia, dysarthria and spastic gait. Her MRI brain is consistent with which of the following?
[A] Pelizaeus Merzbacher disease
[B] Wilson disease
[C] Pantothenate Kinase-Associated Neurodegeneration
[D] Sjogern Larsson syndrome