October   2007


Is age a prognostic factor of postoperative outcome of lumbar disc herniation operations?  [  Abstract  ]
Hamit S. Karabekir,  Erhan Emel,  Elmas K. Atar,  Ahmet Yildizhan
Effects of nimodipine on cerebral hemodynamics, and prognosis of diffuse axonal injury patients  [  Abstract  ]
Mehdi Farhoudi,  Mohammad Asghari,  Mashhood Aghajanloo,  Ali Zeinali
Assessment of the atlanto-occipital junction in the MRI of subjects with cervical disc herniation  [  Abstract  ]
Merih Is,  Ozdemir Sevinc,  Alp A. Safak,  Cagatay Barut,  Burhan Yazici
Influence of spinal deformity on pulmonary function, arterial blood gas values, and exercise capacity in thoracic kyphoscoliosis  [  Abstract  ]
Balakrishnan Menon,  Bhumika Aggarwal
Specific evoked motor response for supraclavicular brachial block  [  Abstract  ]
Shahla Haleem,  Maulana M. Ansari,  Abdul Q. Khan,  Abu Nadeem,  Syeda M. Ahmad,  Mehtab Alam
The relationship of hypocalcemic convulsions related to nutritional rickets with age, gender, season, and serum phosphorus levels  [  Abstract  ]
Zafer Bicakci
Oral health knowledge in parents of Saudi cerebral palsy children  [  Abstract  ]
Amjad H. Wyne
Psychological health of mothers caring for mentally disabled children in Qatar  [  Abstract  ]
Mohamed G. Al-Kuwari
Dissociative disorders and dissociative symptoms among veterans of the Iraq-Iran war suffering from chronic post-traumatic disorder  [  Abstract  ]
Alireza G. Nejad,  Hamid Farahati
The effect of nicotine on the recovery of rats receiving anesthesia  [  Abstract  ]
Berrin Isik,  Mustafa Arslan,  Ozgur Ozsoylar,  Yusuf Unal,  Cengiz B. Demirel,  Nedim cekmen,  Omer Kurtipek
Episodic nausea and abdominal sensations as sole manifestations of simple partial seizures  [  Abstract  ]
Bashir S. Shihabuddin,  Sami I. Harik
Spinal intramedullary cavernous hemangioma  [  Abstract  ]
Tarig S. Al-Khuwaitir,  Hassabo B. Mohammed,  Ali G. Al-Ghamdi,  Ruslan A. Rzayev
An unusual association of optic hydrops and Reiter`s syndrome  [  Abstract  ]
Sahika L. Cengiz,  Alper Baysefer
A case of large scalenus minimus muscle  [  Abstract  ]
Emine C. Sanli,  Mustafa Aktekin,  Zeliha Kurtoglu
Variant structures potent to compress the median nerve in the arm  [  Abstract  ]
Srinivasa R. Bolla,  Venkata R. Vollala,  Mohandas Rao,  Sudarshan Surendran
Absence of musculocutaneous nerve associated with a third head of biceps brachii muscle and entrapment of ulnar nerve  [  Abstract  ]
Saeed M. Abuel-Makarem,  Ahmed F. Ibrahim,  Hassem H. Darwish
A girl with recurrent tonic spasm  [  Abstract  ]
Mohammed M. Jan
Pyogenic ventriculitis secondary to ruptured brain abscess  [  Abstract  ]
Mohammed Benzagmout,  Said Boujraf,  Khalid Chakour,  Mohammed E. Chaoui
Pan-Arab consensus statement on the use of botulinum toxin type A in spasticity management  [  Abstract  ]
Mohammed S. Aldosari,  Saeed A. Bohlega,  Maher A. Al-Jadid,  Mohamed S. El-Tamawy,  Mohamed A. Ramadan,  Yahya K. Mousali,  Aisha T. Yaghmour,  Ashraf M. Kurdi,  Salam H. Koussa,  Shaker N. Khamis,  Vesna E. Zeljic,  Hassan D. Shacfe,  Franco G. Molteni
Polyneuropathy associated with Wilson`s disease  [  Abstract  ]
Deniz Yerdelen,  Filiz Koc,  Suzan Zorludemir
An unusual presentation of late onset multiple sclerosis with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis  [  Abstract  ]
Hande Turker,  Murat Terzi,  Nilgun Cengiz,  Musa K. Onar
Late daytime naps may cause drowsiness after coronary bypass graft operation in the first postoperative week  [  Abstract  ]
Hikmet Yilmaz,  Ihsan Iskesen
Plasma adrenomedullin in acute ischemic stroke  [  Abstract  ]
Goksel Somay,  Gulistan U. Halac,  Ezel Uslu,  Seval Aydin
Thieme Atlas of Anatomy: General Anatomy and Musculoskeletal System  [  Abstract  ]
Sonia Khan,  Sonia Khan
WHO COORDINATES RESPONSE TO MENINGITIS OUTBREAKS IN FOUR AFRICAN COUNTRIES. Hundreds of thousands vaccinated in mass campaigns  [  Abstract  ]

World Health Day 2007: International Health Security. “Invest in health, build a safer future”. High-level debate tackles need for improved international health security  [  Abstract  ]

WHO proposes global agenda on transplantation. New World Observatory Launched with Spain  [  Abstract  ]


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9 years old girl previously healthy, presented with progressive dystonia, dysarthria and spastic gait. Her MRI brain is consistent with which of the following?
[A] Pelizaeus Merzbacher disease
[B] Wilson disease
[C] Pantothenate Kinase-Associated Neurodegeneration
[D] Sjogern Larsson syndrome