October   2011


Obsessive-compulsive disorder  [  Abstract  ]
Abdulsamad Aljeshi
Relation between serum magnesium level and migraine attacks  [  Abstract  ]
Mahnaz Talebi,  Dariush Savadi-Oskouei,  Mehdi Farhoudi,  Solmaz Mohammadzade,  Seyyedjamal Ghaemmaghamihezaveh,  Akbar Hasani,  Amir Hamdi
Relationship between the interval before high-dose methylprednisolone administration and chronic pain in traumatic spinal cord injury  [  Abstract  ]
Yung-Tsan Wu,  Tsung-Ying Li,  Heng-Yi Chu,  Liang-Cheng Chen,  Shang-Lin Chiang,  Shin-Tsu Chang
Cerebral venous sinus thrombosis in Saudi Arabia  [  Abstract  ]
Hussein A. Algahtani,  Abduljaleel P. Abdu,  Abdulrahman M. Shami,  Ayman E. Hassan,  Moustafa A. Madkour,  Saeed M. Al-Ghamdi,  Ravi M. Malhotra,  Ali M. Al-Khathami
Use of antiplatelets. A survey of secondary prevention of ischemic stroke with intracranial hemorrhage history in Chinese patients  [  Abstract  ]
Weihua Jia,  Lichun Zhou
Characteristics of circadian rhythm in patients with intracerebral hemorrhage before death  [  Abstract  ]
Jun-Wen Guan,  Mao-Jun Chen,  Hao Li,  Yan-Yu Liu,  Chao You,  Zheng-Rong Wang
Epidemiology of attempted suicide in Hatay, Turkey  [  Abstract  ]
Ebru Turhan,  Tacettin Inandi,  Mustafa Aslan,  Cem Zeren
Degree of dependence influences the effects of smoking on psychomotor performance and working memory capacity  [  Abstract  ]
Ammar W. Ashor
Stereological volumetric evaluation of the cerebellum in benign paroxysmal positional vertigo  [  Abstract  ]
Nuket Gocmen-Mas,  Orhan Kahveci,  Selim Karabekir,  Ozge Y. Kusbeci,  Ali Altuntas,  Ayse C. Yazici
Giant occipital osteoid osteoma mimicking calcified meningioma  [  Abstract  ]
Fuat Erten,  Askin E. Hasturk,  Isin Pak,  Omer Sokmen
Intradural lumbar cystic schwannoma  [  Abstract  ]
Cheng-Ta Hsieh,  Wen-Chiuan Tsai,  Ming-Ying Liu
Textiloma as a complication of transsphenoidal surgery  [  Abstract  ]
Cheng-Ta Hsieh,  Tzu-Tsao Chung,  Yu-Hao Chen,  Yao-Feng Li,  Ming-Ying Liu
Hemangioblastoma originating from the right cerebellopontine angle  [  Abstract  ]
Peng-Fei Qiao,  Guang-Ming Niu,  Xiao-Dong Han
Down syndrome presenting with multiple sclerosis, thyroid dysfunction, and diabetes mellitus. Multiple autoimmune disorders in a genetic disorder  [  Abstract  ]
Sayed M. Nabavi,  Ali Hamzehloo,  Zari Sabet
A young adult with seizure and visual field defect  [  Abstract  ]
Ramachandiran Nandhagopal,  Abdullah Al-Asmi
Postoperative acute sialadenitis following posterior fossa surgery  [  Abstract  ]
Cheng-Ta Hsieh,  Ming-Ying Liu,  Yu-Hao Chen,  Cheng-Fu Chang
Possible role of androgens in the pathophysiology of Tourette`s syndrome. A hypothesis with clinical and therapeutic implications  [  Abstract  ]
Nima Derakhshan
Post stroke depression in acute stroke: correlating with site and stroke severity  [  Abstract  ]
Aiman M. Hamad,  Khurram A. Siddiqui,  Nauf M. Al-Mansoor,  Fahmi M. Al-Senani,  Shobhit Sinha
Shift work is a source of stress among Military Police in Amazon, Brazil  [  Abstract  ]
Eduardo L. Franca,  Nubia A. Silva,  Rosaline R. Lunardi,  Adenilda C. Honorio-Franca,  Carlos K. Ferrari
How MRI can contribute to the diagnosis of acute demyelinating encephalomyelitis in children  [  Abstract  ]
Mahmood D. Al-Mendalawi
Post varicella zoster virus myelitis in immunocompetent patients  [  Abstract  ]
Mahmood D. Al-Mendalawi
Health care-associated infections more common in developing countries  [  Abstract  ]

Malaria report shows rapid progress towards international targets  [  Abstract  ]

Revolutionary new meningitis vaccine set to wipe out deadly epidemics in Africa  [  Abstract  ]

Music reduces anxiety in cancer patients  [  Abstract  ]

Virtual reality may help adults recover from stroke  [  Abstract  ]

Myasthenia gravis  [  Abstract  ]
Mohammed H. Al-Zawahmah
Meeting Highlights
The 5th Annual Meeting of the Saudi Association of Neurological Surgeons and the 3rd Congress of the Gulf Neurosurgical Society `Towards Safer Neurosurgery` Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, 24th - 26th May 2011  [  Abstract  ]
Saleh S. Baeesa,  Maher Hassounah

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9 years old girl previously healthy, presented with progressive dystonia, dysarthria and spastic gait. Her MRI brain is consistent with which of the following?
[A] Pelizaeus Merzbacher disease
[B] Wilson disease
[C] Pantothenate Kinase-Associated Neurodegeneration
[D] Sjogern Larsson syndrome