October   2017


A Closer Look at Angiitis of the central nervous system  [  Abstract  ]
Cheng Wan,  Hua Su
Quality of life among multiple sclerosis patients in Saudi Arabia  [  Abstract  ]
Hussein A. Algahtani,  Bader H. Shirah,  Faris A. Alzahrani,  Hind A. Abobaker,  Nebras A. Alghanaim,   Juan S. Manlangit Jr
Type and etiology of pediatric epilepsy in Jordan. A multi-center study  [  Abstract  ]
Abdelkarim A. Al-Qudah,  Abla Albsoul-Younes,  Amira T. Masri,  Samah K. AbuRahmah,  Ibrahim A. Alabadi,  Omar A. Nafi,  Lubna F. Gharaibeh,  Amer A. Murtaja,  Lina H. Al-Sakran,  Haya A. Arabiat,  Abdallah A. Al-Shorman
Tumors of the lateral and third ventricle: surgical management and outcome analysis in 42 cases  [  Abstract  ]
Sherif M. Elwatidy,  Abdulrahman A. Albakr,  Abdullah A. Al Towim,  Safdar H. Malik
Dental caries and related risk factors in Saudi cerebral palsy children  [  Abstract  ]
Amjad H. Wyne,  Nouf S. Al-Hammad,  Christian H. Splieth
Frontal theta/beta ratio changes during TOVA in Egyptian ADHD children  [  Abstract  ]
Islam F. Halawa,  Basma B. El Sayed,  Omnia R. Amin,  Nagwa A. Meguid,  Ann A. Abdel Kader
A rare case of autoimmune limbic encephalitis: an uncharted territory!  [  Abstract  ]
Hatim Ibrahim,  Abdulelah N. AL Jasser,  Sonia A. Khan,  Kalthoum G. Tlili
Migration of the distal catheter of the ventriculoperitoneal shunt in hydrocephalus patients  [  Abstract  ]
Mohammed Z. Allouh,  Mohammed M. Al Barbarawi,  Mohammed H. Hiasat,  Bashar A. Abuzayed
Case series of autosomal recessive hereditary spastic paraparesis with novel mutation in SPG 7 gene  [  Abstract  ]
Shakya Bhattacharjee,  Nicholas Beauchamp,  Brian E. Murray,  Timothy Lynch
Development of Parkinsonism symptoms immediately after severe head injury  [  Abstract  ]
Khandaker Abu Talh,  Mohammad Sulaiman,  Deepak Joshi,  Sameh Hamed
Neurological manifestations, laboratory and neuroimaging features in HIV-infected patients  [  Abstract  ]
Hai Chen,  Fangju Lin,  Shimeng Liu,  Yuwei Da,  Dongmei Guo
Resting-State fMRI findings in patients with first-Episode idiopathic epilepsy before and after treatment  [  Abstract  ]
Peng‑Fei Qiao,  Guang‑Ming Niu
Renal dysfunction as a predictor of acute stroke outcomes  [  Abstract  ]
Danah K. AboAlSamh,  Ahmad A. Abulaban,  Ismail A. Khatri,  Ali M. Al-Khathaami
WHO urges action against HIV drug resistance threat  [  Abstract  ]

Babies and mothers worldwide failed by lack of investment in breastfeeding  [  Abstract  ]

Families Bear Most of the Costs Related to Dementia Care  [  Abstract  ]

Clinical Image
Neuroregression, coarse features, and oligosaccharides in urines  [  Abstract  ]
Ahmed Y. BoAli,  Kalthoum Tlili-Graiess,  Amal M. AlHashem,  Brahim M. Tabarki
Publications pattern of clinical epilepsy research in Saudi Arabia  [  Abstract  ]
Saleh S. Baeesa,  Yazid E. Maghrabi,  Muad S. Baeesa,  Fadi M. Jan,  Mohammed M. Jan

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9 years old girl previously healthy, presented with progressive dystonia, dysarthria and spastic gait. Her MRI brain is consistent with which of the following?
[A] Pelizaeus Merzbacher disease
[B] Wilson disease
[C] Pantothenate Kinase-Associated Neurodegeneration
[D] Sjogern Larsson syndrome