Table 4

Physicians’ reported aspects and practices of SMA patients care (N=169).

Aspects and practicesn (%)
Awareness of consensus statement for standard SMA care
 Yes84 (49.7)
 No85 (50.3)
Awareness of the new treatment (Nusinersen)
 Not sure/undecided88 (52.1)
 No23 (13.6)
 Yes58 (34.3)
Will (Nusinersen) improve the SMA outcomes?
 Unsure/undecided90 (53.3)
 No25 (14.8)
 Yes54 (32)
Would you reverse code status of an end stage DNR SMA subject given the new potential medication?
 No42 (24.9)
 Unsure/undecided/hesitate88 (52.1)
 Yes39 (23.1)
  • SMA - spinal muscular atrophy, DNR - do-not-resuscitate