Table 2

Pulmonary functions, strength and endurance of respiratory muscles and parameters of 6 minute walk test in patients with MG (n=28).

FEV1 (%)74.72±17.93
FVC (%)71.60±16.71
VC (%)75.54±15.36
MIP (cmH2O)81.86±22.85
MEP (cmH2O)90.21±37.49
6MWD (m)459.32±87.58
%Maximal HR67.23±12.85
∆HR (beats/min)27.29±18.38
∆SpO2 (%)-0.64±1.59
∆General fatigue (modified borg) Median (min-max)3 (0-10)
Respiratory muscle endurance time (sec) Median (min-max)42.5 (11-180)
  • SD - standard deviation, MG - Myasthenia gravis, FEV1 - forced expiratory volume in one second, FVC - forced vital capacity, VC - vital capacity, MIP - maximal inspiratory pressure, MEP - maximal expiratory pressure, 6MWD - 6 minute walk test distance, 6MWW - six minute walk work, HR - heart rate, SpO2 - oxygen saturation.