Table 5

Multivariate logistic regression analysis of the combined and individual associations between physician demographic and professional characteristics with their odds to reverse the code status of SMA patients in light of impending compromise (N=168).

CharacteristicsBSEOR95% CIP-value
Gender (male)-.191.414.826.3671.8620.646
Physicians’ experience in years.023.0371.023.9521.0990.536
Physicians current position.526.1871.6921.1742.4390.005
Hospital Sector (private).893.7082.444.6119.7800.207
Hospital type (secondary).908.4792.480.9696.3480.058
Physicians field of speciality-.371.178.690.487.9790.038
  • SMA - spinal muscular atrophy, B - coefficient of regression parameters, SE - standard error, OR - odds ratio, CI - confidence interval.