Table 4

Multiple linear regression analysis (n=28).

Variables in the modelRR2Adjusted R2SE of the estimateBSEP-value
%MIP, MEP, %MEP, The MGCS score0.7540.5680.49312.05656.18614.1670.001
MEP, %MEP, The MGCS score0.7480.5600.50511.91763.4089.080<0.001
%MEP, The MGCS score0.7310.5350.49811.99961.7049.022<0.001
  • Dependent variable: %6MWD, Independent variables: MEP, %MEP, %MIP, the MGCS, MGCS - myastenia gravis composite scale, MIP - maximal inspiratory pressure, MEP - Maximal expiratory pressure, SE - standard error, R2=0.493, F(1-27)=25.275, p<0.001, constant=51.566.