Table 3

Results of pretest and posttest of the lower extremity strength, balance, balance confidence, and mobility of four older adults with chronic stroke that received proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation.

Case4Case XXX(6)MCID/MDC
FTSST (s)48.3734.5013.87*30.2727.472.8*MCID = 2.3
ABC (%)255025*7871-7MDC = 13
Mini-BESTest4106*21254*MCID = 4
Self-selected velocity (m/s)0.240.350.110.500.570.07MDC = 0.18
Fast velocity (m/s)0.310.370.060.670.820.15*MDC = 0.13
  • * Significant change based on available MCID or MDC values published in previous case report, ABC - Activities-specific Balance Confidence Scale, FTSST - Five Time Sit-to-Stand Test, MCID - minimal clinically important difference, MDC - minimal detectable change, Mini-BESTest - Mini Balance Evaluation Systems Test, UMCT-F - Upright Motor Control Test Flexion; UMCT - Upright Motor Control Test Knee Flexion