Table 3

The correlations between clinical status, pulmonary functions, respiratory muscle strength and functional capacity in patients with MG (n=28).

VariablesFatigue severity (VAS)FEV1 (%)FVC (%)FEV1/FVC (%)VC (%)6MWD%6MWD6MWW
The MGCS scorer=0.520*r=-0.552*r=-0.558*r=-0.546*r=-0.600*r=-0.464*r=-0.466*
FVC (%)r=0.415*
  • MG - Myasthenia gravis, MGCS - myastenia gravis composite scale, VAS - visual analog scale, FEV1 - forced expiratory volume in one second, FVC - forced vital capacity, VC - vital capacity, MIP - maximal inspiratory pressure, MEP - maximal expiratory pressure, 6MWD - 6 minute walk test distance, 6MWW - six minute walk work, HR - heart rate,

  • * p<0.05 Spearman correlation test.