Table 3

Multivariate analysis of predictors of mortality. Multivariable model included all of the following variables: NIHSS score, stroke volume, neutrophil, platelet, WBC, albumin, monocyte/HDL ratio, Ca+, Glasgow coma scale.

VariablesOdds ratio95% CIP-value
Stroke volume* (cm3)1.0110.996-1.0270.155
Platelet (109/L)1.0090.998-1.020.126
WBC (103/┬ÁL)1.2850.922-1.7910.139
Albumin (g/dl)0.4490.047-4.2770.486
Monocyte / HDL ratio0.0010-648.70.295
  • GCS - Glasgow Coma Scale, NIHSS - National Institutes of Health Stroke Scale, WBC - white blood cell count, Ca+ - Calcium