Table 1

Categories of stroke patients.

CategoryAimCriteria of patientsIndications for categoryModalities
1Start mobilization as soon as patient’s medical condition is stableAcutely ill
Requires life-support equipment such as mechanical ventilator
Comatose patients
Patients tolerate bed activities but have marked weakness.
Limited activity tolerance
Inability to ambulate
Patients are alert, but have altered mental status
Passive proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation
Transcutaneous electrical muscle stimulation
Rolling (side to side, side to sitting) Sitting balance
2Stimulate standing and walking activities while maintaining patient safety measuresStable
Cooperative patient
Still on mechanical ventilation
Patient able to follow simple commands
Patient’s medical condition allows participation in therapy
Standing with a walker and assistance
Standing balance
Weight shift
Steps in place
Side steps along the bed
Transfer to chair
3To master transfer abilities and start a progressive walking program to increase enduranceCooperative patient
Patient weans from mechanical ventilation
Patients able to tolerate limited walking with a walker and assistance
Some patients may be able to walk but still have difficulties
Walking with support
Walking without support
Resistive muscle training
Techniques to increase inspiratory rate
Techniques to increase expiratory flow rate