Table 5

Etiology of epilepsies of 663 patients.

Etiology of epilepsiesFrequency
Genetic n (%)117 (17.7)
 Electro clinical syndromes (presumed genetic)109
Structural – metabolic n (%)278 (41.9)
 Perinatal insults89
 Malformation of cortical development26
 Neurocutaneous syndromes23
 Metabolic disorders9
 Vascular anomaly7
 Corpus collosum10
 Brain atrophy23
 Brain cysts10
 Delay myelination3
 Distinctive constellations:11
 Mesial temporal lobe epilepsy with hippocampal sclerosis10
 Rasmussen syndrome1.0
Unknown n (%)268 (40.4)
 Electro clinical syndromes82
 Other types of epilepsy:186
 Focal temporal lobe45
 Focal frontal lobe27
 Focal parietal lobe5
 Focal occipital lobe4
 Focal (undetermined origin)19
 Mixed seizure16
Total n (%)663 (100)