Table 3

Studies characteristics (neurological condition, citation, measured aspects, participants, reliability elements and study quality percentage).

CitationsInstrument nameParticipant numberResultReliability elementsStudy quality(average QATSDD percentage)
Spinal cord injury
[5]Motor Assessment Scale (MAS) item 3 ‘balanced sitting’N=50Inter-rater reliability for MAS (kw¼0.83–0.91)85.74%
Sitting balance score SBSInter-rater reliability for SBS (kw¼0.69–0.96)
[6]Brazilian version in Portuguese of the Thoracic-Lumbar Control ScaleN=22- Intra-examiner reliability 0.9688.09%
- Inter-examiner reliability (0.961 and 0.986)
- High value of internal consistency (0.934)
[7]clinical trunk control testN=177- Inter-observer reliability a pondered Kappa of 0.98789.58%
- Alpha coefficient had a value of 0.979.
[8]Hand-Held Dynamometry in Individuals with Spinal Cord InjuryN=29- Intrarater reliability was good to excellent (intraclass correlation coefficients, 0.80–0.98 [unsupported]; 0.79–0.99 [supported]) for all raters in the four directions of force application.83.33%
- Interrater reliability was excellent (intraclass correlation coefficients, 0.97–0.99 [unsupported]; 0.96–0.98 [supported]) for all directions
[9]Dynamic sitting balance tests: Limits of stabilityN=9- Moderate to excellent test–retest reliability (intraclass correlation coefficients ranged from 0.673 to 0.990)71.42%
Dynamic sitting balance tests: sequential weight shifting- Moderate to excellent reliability (intraclass correlation coefficients ranged from0.688 to 0.952)79.19%
[10]Sitting balance measureN=30- Cronbach’s α = 0.9679.19%
[11]The Italian version of the Trunk Impairment ScaleN=41- Cronbach’s α = 0.8859.52%
- Internal consistency ranged from 0.79 to 0.88. ICC values ranged from 0.725 to 0.933 for inter-rater reliability, with the SEM ranging from 0.52 to 1.11, and from 0.770 to 0.911 for intra-rater reliability
- Kappa values ranged from moderate to almost perfect
[12]Trunk Impairment Scale Norwegian version modified TIS-NVN=50Cronbach’s α = 0.8588.09%
[13]Function In SittingTestN=31- The person separation index was 0.97883.33%
- Coefficient alpha was 0.98, indicating high internal consistency
Multiple sclerosis
[14]Function in sitting testN=20Cronbach’s α = 0.9180.95%