Table 1

- Comparison of baseline information among the 3 groups.

ItemsGroup IGroup IIGroup IIIStatistic
Course of disease (days)11.7±6.245.9±16.4388.1±267.3
Male6610X2=2.63 p=0.27
Female181511F=1.65 p=0.20
Age (years)67.0±9.070.2±8.771.4±7.1F=0.127 p=0.881
BMI (kg/m2)21.8±1.221.8±1.222.0±1.1
Affected sites
Neck, shoulder and upper limbs646X2=1.15 p=0.89
Chest, back and abdomen10129
Waist and lower limbs866
VAS7.3±0.97.0±0.96.9±0.7F=1.64 p=0.20
QS0.8±0.70.7±0.71.0±0.6F=0.63 p=0.54

BMI - body mass index, QS - quality of sleep, VAS - visual analog scale