Table 2

- Summary of Peterson’s study results versus the current empirical evidence.

Peterson's study results (percentage of participants' preference of antidepressant treatment)Evidence (APA Guidelines 2000, revised)
EfficacySSRIs (48%)No difference
Sexual dysfunctionFluoxetine (56%)More common with paroxetine
AgitationFluoxetine (52%)Comparable to other SSRIs
Discontinuation syndromeParoxetine (47%)Occurs among short half-life antidepressants
Atypical depressionSSRIs (57%)MAOIs
Melancholic depressionSSRIs (57%)No specific recommendation, (pharmacotherapy and ECT leads to good responses)

APA - American Psychiatric Association, ECT - electric shock treatment, MAOIs - Monaoamine Oxidase Inhibitors, SSRIs - Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors