Table 3

- Needle EMG of upper limb showed denervation potentials in the left biceps and bilateral first dorsal interosseous. Left upper limb showed neurogenic polyphasic MUAPs in all sampled muscles. Recruitment pattern was reduced with more reduction in distal muscles. Right side showed few polyphasic in extensor digitorum and first dorsal interosseous. Right deltoid was mostly unremarkable.

Needle EMG Summary
MuscleRootIns. ActFibs.PSWFascics.Polyp.MU amp.MU Dur.PatternRecruit
DeltoidAxillary C5-C6Nor000+++++ReducedMod. Redu
Biceps BrachiMusculocut C5-C6Nor1+00+++++ReducedMod. Redu
TricepsRadial C6-C7Nor000++++ReducedMod. Redu
Ext Dig. ComPost Inter C7-C8Nor000+++++ReducedSevere Redu
First Dors. IntUlnar C7-T1Nor1+1+0+++ReducedPoor Activation
DeltoidAxillary C5-C6Nor000+++FullNormal
Ext. Dig. ComPost Inter C7-C8Nor000+++++FullNormal
First Dors. IntUlnar C7-T1Nor1+00+++++FullNormal
  • PSW - Positive sharp waves, MU -Motor unit, EMG - Electromyography, MUAPs - Motor unit action potentials