Table 1

- Motor conduction study showed absent CMAP for left median nerve. Left ulnar nerve showed markedly reduced CMAP amplitude with mild reduction in conduction velocity.

Motor side to side comparison
NerveStimulusRecordingDist (mm) LatOn (ms) B-Pamp (mV) B-PArea (mVms) CV (m/s) 
B. Elbow2552309.427.670.213.930.711.143.753.1
A. Elbow10010011.929.580.344.181.311.840.052.2
  • APB - abductor pollicis brevis, ADM -abductor digiti minimi, mVms - millivoltmillisecond, R - right, L - left, CV - conduction velocity, CMAP - compound muscle action potentia