Table 2.

- The CSF findings in GBS patients significant difference of CSF protein between AIDP and AMSAN, p=0.001, followed by AIDP and AMAN, p=0.015

GBS variant (%)MeanSDMinimumMaximumP- value
AIDP (47.27)145.30839.911438199 
AMAN (35.45)119.89553.769830198 
AMSAN (15.45)97.41260.7547301970.002
MFS (1.81)92.53.53559095 
Total (100)127.93551.289830199 
  • AIDP - acute inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy, AMAN - Acute motor axonal neuropathy, AMSAN - Acute motor sensory axonal neuropathy, MFS - Miller Fischer syndrome, CSF - Cerebrospinal fluid, GBS - Guillain-Barré syndrome, AIDP - Acute inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy