Table 1

- Characteristics of the study hospitals and survey respondents. EP - emergency physicians, CMO - chief medical officer.

Hospitals2017 stroke admissionsHospital bed capacitySurvey respondent
Teaching hospital 1212200Administrator
Teaching hospital 2100434ICU
Teaching hospital 3100607Administrator
Military hospital 14001500Neurologist
Military hospital 21001679Administrator
Private hospital 140354ICU
Private hospital 2120300Administrator
Private hospital 362405EP
Private hospital 448460Neurologist
Private hospital 5150300Neurologist
Private hospital 652250EP
Private hospital 770450Administrator
Private hospital 880140Administrator
Private hospital 920131CMO
Private hospital 1060165CMO
Private hospital 1166430Administrator
Private hospital 12300600Administrator
Private hospital 1340150Administrator
Referral hospital 173200Internist
Referral hospital 2100500Neurologist
Referral hospital 31001200Neurologist
Referral hospital 4500330Neurologist
Referral hospital 5200300Administrator
Referral hospital 61001500Neurologist
Referral hospital 73751200Neurologist
Referral hospital 812344Administrator
Secondary hospital 116131Internist
Secondary hospital 222120CMO
Secondary hospital 320150EP
Secondary hospital 435100EP
Secondary hospital 5100207Administrator
Secondary hospital 690178Internist
Secondary hospital 740150Administrator
Secondary hospital 85164Administrator
Secondary hospital 965100Administrator
Secondary hospital 109100EP
Secondary hospital 1150200EP