Table 1

- Summary of studies on IA of CNS in immunocompetent patients in Saudi Arabia including the current study.

Study periodnAge: mean(range)Male/femaleAspergillus spp.Treatment anti-fungalClinical outcomeFollow up (months)
Mohan et al7 (1987–92)442.2 (30–60)2/2A. flavus (4)Surgery/Amphotericin B3 no recurrence12-24 months
1 death
Ur-Rahman8 et al. (1983–94)947.3 (26–66)1/8A. flavus (6)Surgery/Amphotericin B plus flucytosine then itraconazole1 cured1-36 months
6 residual or lost f/up
A. fumigatus (3)
2 death
Baeesa et al9 (2000–12)1232 (17–50)4/8not definedSurgery/Amphotericin B plus itraconazole or variconazole8 cured12–50 months
2 residual or recurrence
2 deaths
Taha et al (2012–18)333 (30–36)3/0not definedSurgery/Amphotericin B plus variconazole1 cured1-18 months
2 deaths