Table 1

- Summary of case characteristics.

 Case 1Case 2Case 3
Patient information
Age (yr)704447
Clinical findings
Time to symptoms onset from RT (mo)232312
RT Dose (Gy)5450.452
MRI FindingsHyperintensity on a T2-weighted sagittal image at the T5 vertebra levelT2 Weighted signal increase along with central cystic necrotic changes on T7–8–9 vertebral levelsLong-segment hyperintensity on a T2-weighted sagittal image at the T9–L1 vertebra levels
TreatmentHigh dose steroidHigh dose steroidHigh dose steroid
Hyperbaric oxygenHyperbaric oxygenHyperbaric oxygen
Follow up
Duration (mo)121212
Clinical courseNo improvementNo improvementDeath