Table 6

- Comparison of scale scores and clinical parameters according to MBL2 genotype in patients with bipolar disorder.

Median (min-max)Median (min-max)
HAM-D score10(0-34)9(2-25)0.479
YMRS score4(0-38)7(0-28)0.207
CGI sev.5(2-7)5(3-7)0.698
CGI imp.2(1-4)2(1-4)0.847
Manic episode2(0-21)3(1-25)0.512
Dep. episode1(0-12)0(0-2)0.042
Total episode4(1-23)3(1-27)0.329
Duration of disease15(1-40)14(5-40)0.721
Age of onset24(13-44)25(10-52)0.457
Number of hospt.2(0-21)2(0-21)0.576
  • **Mann Whitney U test, min - minimum, max - maximum, CGI - clinical global impression scale, HAM-D - hamilton depression rating scale, YMRS - young mania rating scale, sev. - severity, imp - improvement, dep -depressive; hospt - hospitalization