Table 2

- The scale scores of patients.

PANSS pos.11(7-24)
PANSS neg.16(7-33)
PANSS psycho.30(17-54)
PANSS total58(33-102)
CGI sev.5(3-7)
CGI imp.2(1-4)
Bipolar DisorderMedian(min-max)
Manic episode2(0-25)
Dep. episode1(0-12)
Total episode4(1-27)
CGI sev.5(2-7)
CGI imp.2(1-4)
  • min - minimum, max - maximum, PANSS - positive and negative syndrome scale, SATCI - schedule for assessing the three components of insight, CGI - clinical global impression scale, HAM-D - hamilton depression rating scale, YMRS - young mania rating scale, pos - positive, neg - negative, psycho - psychopathology, sev - severity, imp - improvement, dep - depressive, hist - history, cyc - cycling, postpart - postpartum