Table 1

- Demographic analysis and clinical characteristics of the study subjects.

Patient characteristicsCorpus callosotomyVNSP-value
Number of patients54
Age (years)10.8±1.313.8±3.90.15
Age of seizure onset (months)20.6±30.618.8±20.50.68
Seizure duration before surgery (years)8.2±3.112.0±3.60.13
Follow-up duration (months)15.2±3.624.5±16.50.25
Mean age at surgery (years)9.6±1.111.7±3.30.21
Length of surgery (minutes)291.4±61.6113.75±12.50.002
Length of hospitalization (days)9.6±4.47.25±3.50.41
Main seizure types
Atonic/tonic with head drops52
Generalized tonic seizure01
Generalized tonic–clonic seizure01
MRI findings
Atrophic change02
Pachygyria–lissencephaly with band heterotopias10
Number of antiepileptic medications
Before surgery3.4±1.13.5±1.30.91
After surgery3.4±1.13.0±1.1
Change in antiepileptic medications
Not changed330.5

VNS - Vagus nerve stimulation