Table 3

- Factors related to the perception of telepsychiatry. (n=328)

n (%)n (%)
Telepsychiatry is a viable approach for providing medical care services to patients46 (14.0)282 (86.0)
There is a potential role for information and communication technology (ICT) in healthcare42 (12.8)286 (87.2)
Using telepsychiatry systems can save time and money32 (09.8)296 (90.2)
Telepsychiatry systems can save effort36 (11.0)292 (89.0)
The application of ICT in healthcare is already available121 (36.9)207 (63.1)
Total Score (mean±SD)4.15±1.17--
Level of perception
Poor (≤3 score)63 (19.2)--
Good (>3 score)265 (80.8)--

The factors related to perception toward telepsychiatry are shown in Table 3