Table 2

- Multiple Regression Predictors of the depressive symptoms severity level in headache/migraine patients with history of head-neck injury

*Independent variableBeta coefficientStandard errorT valuesP-valuesModel unadjusted R2; adjusted R2; P value
Headache clinical diagnosis0.190.200.940.350.14; 0.07; 0.05
Sports activity-1.270.72-1.760.08 
Currently under treatment for medical conditions1.180.761.560.12 
Family history of migraine or chronic headache1.770.782.270.02 
Use of migraine medication0.820.541.530.13 
Marital status0.030.770.040.97 
Complaint of insufficient sleep0.160.730.230.82 
  • * Unstandardized beta coefficient for intercept, for all other independent variables standardized beta coefficients are shown. Depressive symptoms severity level was assessed by DASS-21 (Depression, Anxiety Stress Scale-21).