Table 1

- Features of included articles (N=14) (continuation).

Author name and yearAgeNumber of lesionsModality and optimal cutoffThe amino acid tracers of PETPET modalityFollow-up period (month)Reference standard
Cicone et al28 201538–8446 (PET) 37 (PWI)*SUVLmax/Bkgrmax (rSUV), 1.59 *rCBV, 2.14F-DOPAPET/CT6Histopathology+clinico-radiological follow-up
Dandois et al29 201025-7433*rCBV, 182% *rCBV, 378%11C-methioninePET3 to 40Histopathology
D’Souza et al30 201415-6129*SUV, ND *rCBV, 182%11C-methioninePET/CT6 to 28Histopathology+clinico-radiological follow-up
Estrada et al31 200817-7730*SUV, ND *rCBV, 1.218F-FDGPET/MRI6 to 21Clinical and radiological criteria
Hatzoglou et al32201619–8155*SUVratio, 1.2 *Vpratio, 2.118F-FDGPET/CT6Histopathology+clinico-radiological follow-up
Hojjati et al33 201834-8128 (PET/MRI) 27 (PWI) 23 (PET/CT)*r-Mean, 1.47 *CBVmax, 3.3218F-FDGPET/CT8 to 18Histopathology+clinico-radiological follow-up
Jabeen et al34 20218-7148*TBRmax, 1.23 *rCBVratio, 1.3811C-methioninePET/MRI1 to 14Histopathology+clinico-radiological follow-up
Kim et al35 201031-6610*Lmax/Rmax, 2.64 *rCBV, 3.6911C-methionine + 18F-FDGPET6 to 50Histopathology+clinical course
Prat et al36 201018-7026ND18F-FDGPET5Histopathology+clinico-radiological follow-up
Pyka et al37 201842-6463*TBR, 2.07 *rCBV, 3.3518F-FETPET/MRI6Histopathology+ imaging follow-up
Qiao et al38 2019ND42*TBRSUVmax, 1.85 *rCBVmean, 1.8311C-methioninePET/CT6Histopathology+ Clinical follow up
Sacconi et al39 201614–7434*SUVmean, <4.0 *rCBVmean, <1.7418F-FDGPET/MRI3 to 6Histopathology
Seligman et al40 201921-7941*Whole-tumor SUVmean divided by SUVmean of normal white matter >0.75 *Mean Ktrans of whole tumor divided by mean Ktrans of contralateral brain >4.518F-FDGPET/MRI6Histopathology+clinico-radiological follow-up
Steidl et al41 202120–78104*Slope, <0.69 *rCBVmax, >2.8518F-FETPET/MRI6Histopathology+clinico-radiological follow-up

ND - not defined, PET - positron emission tomography, MRI - magnetic resonance imaging, CT - computed tomography, PWI - perfusion-weighted imaging, 18F-FDG - 18fluorine-fluorodeoxyglucose, 18F-FET - 18F-fluoro-ethyl-tyrosine, 18F-FLT- (18)Fluorothymidine, CBV - Cerebral Blood Volume, TBR - Tumor to Background Ratio SUV - Standardized Uptake Value, F-DOPA - fluorodopa