Table 3

- The significant correlation between CDT and all cognitive domains.

Cognitive domainsCDT (n=152)
 P-valuer P-valuer
Visual Learning Tests*<0.00010.643Verbal Fluency Tests*<0.00010.442
Visual Memory Tests*<0.00010.625MMSE*<0.00010.470
Verbal learning Tests*<0.00010.400SDMT*<0.00010.450
Verbal Memory Tests*<0.00010.360Stroop Tests*<0.0001-0.485
   Beck Depresssion Inventory*<0.0001-0.280

CDT - Clock Drawing Test, MMSE - Minimental Status Examination, SDMT - Symbol Digit Modalities Test, n - The number of subjects both performed CDT and other neuropsychological tests,

  • * Significant at p-value<0.05