Table 1 continued

- Characteristics of phaeohyphomycosis cases at our tertiary hospital in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.26,31,32*

Case No.Organ Involved Other Than the BrainUnderlying Medical ConditionSurgeryAntifungal UsedOutcome at 90 dDuration of antifungal therapy for patients who survived (in months)
1DisseminatedNoneNoAmB, ITZ, Vori, CaspoDied
2*DisseminatedALLYesAmB, ITRSurvived33
3Only cerebralKidney TransplantYesAmBDied
4 *CerebralKidney TransplantYesAmB, ITZ, PosaSurvived36
6MeningesAMLNoAmB, ITZDied
7DisseminatedCGDYesITZ, terbinafine, flucytosineSurvivedStill on treatment
8CerebralKidney transplantYesVori, CaspoDied
9CerebralLiver CirrhosisYesL-AmB, PosaDied
10CerebralLiver transplantYesL-AmB, PosaDied
11Cerebral and sinusesNone/pregnantYesCaspo, L-Amb, Posa, VoriSurvivedStill on treatment
12*CerebralRenal transplantYesL-AmB, VoriDied
F - female, M - male, DM - diabetes mellitus, AmB - Amphotericin B, Vori - Voriconazole, Caspo - Caspofungin, ITZ - Itraconazole, L-AmB -Liposomal Amphotericin B, 5-FC - 5-flourocytocine, KTZ - Ketoconazole, ALL - acute lymphoblastic leukemia, AML - acute myeloid leukemia, MF - myelofibrosis, *

*Copyright permission from Al-Abdely HM, Alkhunaizi AM, Al-Tawfiq JA, Hassounah M, Rinaldi MG, Sutton DA. Successful therapy of cerebral Phaeohyphomycosis due to Ramichloridium mackenziei with the new triazole posaconazole. Med Mycol 2005; 43: 91-95.

Al-Mohsen IZ, Sutton DA, Sigler L, Almodovar E, Mahgoub N, Frayha H, et al. Acrophialophora fusispora brain abscess in a child with acute lymphoblastic leukemia: review of cases and taxonomy. J Clin Microbiol 2000; 38: 4569-4576.

Alamri M, Alghamdi H, Althawadi S, Mutabaggani M, Dababo MA, Alajlan F, et al. Invasive fungal infection of the brain caused by Neoscytalidium dimidiatum in a post-renal transplant patient: A case report. Med Mycol Case Rep 2021; 34: 27-31.